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Roadway and Lighting Project
Posted on Feb 26th, 2020
The contractor is preparing a schedule for the Roadway work to be competed this spring.  If the weather holds, the major mobilization will begin the first week of April with work being competed approximately 8 weeks later at the end of May.
An Initial Roadway Punch List is now available here. It will be revised with additions and deletions periodically by the engineer as the project continues toward completion. Anything that is brought to light by the owners will be reviewed by the engineer for compliance with the contract and engineering specification and if appropriate be added to the punch list.
Community Meeting of August 14, 2019
Posted on Aug 15th, 2019
C-D Garage Ceiling Project
Posted on Jul 12th, 2019
This project will start once all the HVAC penetrations through the first floor slab in both buildings are complete and the new refrigerant lines are secured in place.
C-D HVAC Project
Posted on Jun 29th, 2019
The project was presented to the C-D residents by the project team.
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Capital Improvement Projects
Posted on Aug 3rd, 2017
The Board of Trustees has approved the budget for the four major capital improvement projects that will take place during fiscal years 2018 and 2019.
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