Cabot Estate History
Cabot Estate's story begins in 1866 when Quincy Adams Shaw and Polleen Agassiz Shaw, a philanthropic Boston Brahmin family, purchased the property. They built a Victorian manor on the hill overlooking Jamaica Pond, then being developed by Fredrick Law Olmstead as part of Boston's Emerald Necklace parkland. The house remained their home for the next fifty years.
In 1921 the property was sold to Samuel Cabot, owner of Cabot Paints.  Mr. Cabot was a man of grandiose vision who undertook a major renovation of the original manor house. He altered the exterior facade, importing stone from an English castle, and modified the interior with hand-carved oak, crown molding, and stained glass, transforming the edifice into what is known today as the Castle. 
In 1968 Pasquale Franchi purchased Cabot Estate with the goal of developing a secure and fully landscaped condominium community. Toward those ends, Mr. Franchi created a Conservation Restriction in 1974 to ensure that the perimeter of the property would remain natural, scenic, and green.   
Cabot Estate was built as a luxury, gated community in four phases from 1975 to 1986. It comprises three townhouse-style clusters and two mid-rise buildings totaling 158 residential units--108 townhouses, 48 mid-rise units, and 2 residences in the original carriage house.  
Nestled on 23 acres of woodlands crossing the Boston-Brookline border, Cabot Estate has become a vibrant community where residents enjoy a suburban lifestyle while residing within the city of Boston. Located across from some of Boston's most stunning parks--Jamaica Pond, Ward Pond, and Olmstead Park--Cabot Estate offers modern architecture in a beautiful wooded and landscaped setting.  
If you have questions, please call the Management Office at (617) 277-2311.